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Mumbai is the pride of India. let”s know in 2020

Mumbai is the pride of India

some mans stand front of Taj Hotal at gate way of India in Mumbai
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Mumbai is the pride of India. Today India maintains its own identity in the world. Mumbai has an important role in it. This is not a city, it is a dream in itself that everyone wants to live. It is a city that is a whole world in itself, ranging from rich to poor, from big artist to ordinary person, from small settlements to skyrocketing buildings, from expensive vehicles to rickshaws.
This city which runs from day to night is the pride of India.

India is a large country and has a large population. And most of the population of India is rural and likes to live in the village. Despite this, there are many cities in India that maintain their own separate identity in the world, whether it is from work perspective or living.

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Mumbai is a city located on the Konkan coast of Western India, ruled by the Sultan of Gujarat. Which was acquired in 1661 by Charles II of England? After which the East India Company started to rule over it. Then in the 18th century, work began to rebuild it under the Horn Wellard Project and the seven islands were merged together, which was completed in 1845. After its formation, it became a major port in the Arabian Sea.

In the 19th century, it became very important from the business point of view. It has a significant history of independence in the 20th century.
it was made a Bombay state in 1947 and after the United Maharashtra Movement in 1960, it was made the capital of Maharashtra.

mumbai bombay
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After Independence

Now let’s talk about the 21st century.

Living in Mumbai is not easy, it is an expensive city, hence it is the financial capital of India. Important companies of India are located here and Indian cinema is also located in Mumbai, apart from this the lifestyle here never stops, it keeps apart from others.

In 2008, Mumbai became Alpha World City, as well as the richest city in the world. The number of millionaires and billionaires here is more than the rest of the cities. Mumbai also ranks sixth in the world in terms of population.

Apart from this, Mumbai is also famous for its historical heritage such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Elephanta Caves, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Victoria Art giving it a distinct identity.


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