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3 Unique places in India will not be found anywhere else.

Unique places in India that you must visit because they will not be found anywhere else.

Unique places in India that you must visit because they will not be found anywhere else. India is well-liked for its culture, history as well as some amazing places. The place that is only and only in India,
That’s why people come from all over the world to see those places, this place shows that nature has made everyone equal,

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In India, animals have been worshiped since forever, and have an unbreakable association with them. Here cow, elephant, monkey, dog, and lion are all considered to be worshipers, hence it is unique in the world.

It is my suggestion that you should come here once with your family, and see what exactly is Nature. And what does it teach us, that is why I have brought you a list of such special places which are worth seeing.

Unique places in India

Karni Mata Temple, Rajasthan ( Unique places in India )

rates drink milk in huge bowls filled with milk are kept in the temple
image by –  Vijay Choudhary

This temple has a specialty that makes it the most different in the whole world. And at the same time, it shows that nature has made everyone equal and tell the love between humans and animals. Karni Mata Temple is located in Deshnokh village of Bikaner. It was built in the 15 century. People here consider Karni Mata very much. It is home to more than 25000 mice. Those who are addressed here under the name ‘Kabab’. And these are called manifestations of Karni Mata. And they are worshiped every day, and they consider the temple as their home and roam freely here.

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For these, huge bowls filled with milk are kept in the temple, where they are seen drinking milk. Every day a large number of devotees come here who worship Kabab along with Karni Mata. And also feeds them food. And here it is also recognized that if you see a white kebab which is not seen quickly, then you get the blessings of Karni Mata. Also, according to the rules here, you cannot harm any kebab, if you do this, you will have to offer a gold or silver kebab to the temple as a punishment.

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Temple of Dogs Karnataka

Statue of dogs in Dogs Temple in Channapatna Ramngar
Image by – Indus Scrolls

This is another example that nature has made everyone equal and we should respect it. Channapatna is a village in the Ramnagar district of Karnataka. There is a dog temple, which the whole village worships. It is an unusual temple, the only temple of dogs worldwide, in India, dogs have been revered forever.

The temple has become a popular destination for locals and outsiders today, according to locals, these dogs used to protect the village, who had disappeared from the village many years ago, and Kempamma, the goddess of this village Was ordered to be brought back, but when the dogs did not return, a merchant named Ramesh built the temple for those dogs. It was built in 2010, And today the whole village worships them, as well it indicates that dogs are the most loyal of humans.

If you too love dogs or have an animal lover then definitely go here once.

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Galtaji Temple Jaipur ( Unique places in India )

a monkey kid siting at window in Galtaji temple
Image By – Beautiful Jaipur

This is another example that if humans want, they can keep everyone equal in the whole world. This temple is located in Jaipur. A great saint, Galav, had done austerities here for 100 years and found this land in the boon from God. Later the temple was built here and named it Galtaji. There is a special significance of this temple that a large number of monkeys live here. And beautify the temple.

for this reason, it is a popular tourist destination and many visitors come here every year. And nobody harm these monkeys, these monkeys also come well with everyone. In India, monkeys are respected from always,

Once you come here with your family and enjoy this natural place.

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