independence day 2020 india

74th Independence Day 2020 India / More Love Today

74th Independence Day 2020 India

This is the 74th Independence Day 2020 India. On this day India was completely independent and democracy was built in India.
India’s first independence day was 15 August 1947. Therefore, every year, a celebration of independence is made on this day.

Every Indian is waiting for this day from all year. Because of how many years we have fought for this day, many of our patriots have laid down their lives for the country. Which cannot be forgotten?

Today’s generation is just so happy to do whatever it feels like in the hits of our country that there should never be a chance that we have to remember those times.

Independence Day 2020 India

Looking at the conditions of Corona this year, its program will be done so that people do not spread fear and people can make it.

This day is a complete holiday in India.

Independence Day 2020 India

  • At the same time, everyone is instructed that all should not forget social distance in enthusiasm on this day.
  • Stay in this house and celebrate this day.
  • Help people so that their day is also good.
  • Encourage the army of the country, so that they feel good.
  • Tell the children about our history.

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