Best things to do in bikaner

13 Best Things to do in Bikaner for the first time visitor

13 Best Things to do in Bikaner for the first time visitor

In this way, the whole of India is worth seeing, no one can do it, but if it is about Bikaner, then some attitude will have to change. Bikaner is a great place to visit, there are no two opinions about it. But in your heart and mind, this question must be bouncing that the matter of roaming is right, but what different things can we do in Bikaner.

If you go anywhere, you will be told something or the other, but we will tell you about some things that will make your heart go out for Bikaner today.

1. BK School Kachori – Best Things to do In Bikaner

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Best Things to do In Bikaner

In this way, the Kachori of Bikaner is famous everywhere but if you have come to Bikaner and do not eat BK school Kachori, then you made a big mistake. Just as the name of Kachori comes into the country, the idea of ​​Bikaner comes. Similarly, as soon as the name of Kachori comes to Bikaner, the idea of ​​BK school comes. Apart from kachori, samosas, the curd is grown and many wonderful food items are available here.
If you have come to Bikaner, then definitely come here once, it is my suggestion being a Bikaneri.

2. Bought in Bheruji’s street – Best Things to do In Bikaner

Bikaner’s favorite market is Bheruji Ki Gali, where all the things that come in handy every day, especially for women, it is nothing less than a paradise. This is a 1/2 kilometer narrow lane with a temple of Bheruji God at the beginning, hence it is called Bheruji Gali, this is the best thing to do in Bikaner.

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3. Touring the Havelis – Best Things to do In Bikaner

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Bikaner is called the city of Haveli, there are thousands of Havelis, which are visited by millions of tourists every year. Among them, the most beautiful and famous mansion is Rampuria, which is the oldest and the largest haveli in the Havelis, surrounded by small lanes, acts as the heart of Bikaner, around it and the oldest area of ​​Bikaner is called the city. It is also the best thing to do in Bikaner.

4. Touring Bikaner by Horse – Best Things to do In Bikaner

In Bikaner, even today, a horse carriage is used to rotate the tourists so that you can go to the rest of the city where there are no big trains and you can get one of the best pictures.

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5. Enjoy Bikaner’s Sweets and Food – Best Things to do In Bikaner

Bikaner is also famous for its food with its summer and winter. Whether it is salty or sweet. If you have come to Bikaner, then I agree to enjoy the food here along with roaming, otherwise, you will regret it later. Here, we tell you the names of happy delicious dishes.

Names of sweets

  • Motipak
  • Dilkhusal
  • Royalty
  • Pandhari ki ladoo
  • Rabari ke Ghevar
  • Names of vegetables
  • Gatta Vegetable
  • Sangri Vegetable
  • Aloe vera

6. Royal Tour of Junagadh – Best Things to do In Bikaner

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Bikaner is a major pride heritage in which its fort Junagadh has an important place. It is one of the big forts in the country and is famous for its beauty, the Hindu and Mughal artisans in it are worth seeing. There are many palaces inside it, it is also worth seeing.
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7. Enjoying Lalgarh Palace – Best Things to do In Bikaner

If you want to stay the whole royal way then you can stop at Lalgarh Palace which is run by Raj as a hotel. Where you can take all the benefits. It is no less than any five-star hotel in any comparison.

8. Take advantage of the camel glory of Bikaner – Best Things to do In Bikaner

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image form Rizwan sir

If you are thinking of coming to Bikaner in January. So first find the camel Mahotsav. Bikaner is the largest camel festival in the whole world, which is visited by millions of tourists. You must do this thing in Bikaner.

9. Camel ride on sand dunes – Best Things to do In Bikaner

You have come to Bikaner and do not ride a camel, it cannot happen. Bikaner has large sand dunes where it is very fun to ride camels and there are many Sari competitions which people come to see. This will be a good experience for you.

10. Temple of Karni Mata with rats – Best Things to do In Bikaner

IMG 20200401 174304 675

Bikaner is famous in the world, for one thing is the temple of rats. Yes, there is a temple of Karni Mata in Bikaner where thousands of rats live. And those who come to worship him. This temple is the only one in the whole world. Therefore, it is possible to see it. We have written a complete article on this temple, you read it. Karni Mata temple.

11. Little Kashi roam – Best Things to do In Bikaner

The temple in Bikaner is a temple, so it is also called Chhoti Kashi. There are many types of temples here. Worth seeing more. Of which, the Laxminath temple is prominent. It is one of the oldest temples in the city, which was built by King Bika here. It is a huge temple and beautiful as well. There are many more.

12. Boat in Gajner Lake – Best Things to do In Bikaner

Gajner Mahal is some 50 km from Bikaner. Which was built by the king as his hunting ground? There is also a large lake on which the palace is built on its banks. Today it is run as a hotel. It helps to keep you away from the busy life of the city.
By the way, the people of Bikaner do not stay very busy, they always stay happy.

Although there is a lot to do in Bikaner, we are telling you the things that must be done.

Now come to our last thing.

13. Paneerkopata of Bikaner Namkeen Store – Best Things to do In Bikaner

This is my favorite and if you have ever eaten Paneerkopta of all the people, then try it. Your perspective will change. And if you have never eaten, then you must definitely eat, after this, you will become crazy about it.
Its address is given below if you have come then definitely go.
Bikaner Namkeen Store Old KEM Road Bikaner Opposite Ratanbihari Park.

If you want to know anything about Bikaner, then write in the comment, you will get the answer soon. And stay connected with us.

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